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Scammer Alert!

We would like to inform our clients, that there's a scammer that is trying to ask you to pay for your tours or other services from us, please call us or text us before paying, normally he/she will ask for you to transfer to western union.  Please do not believe them specially if the email does not come from our official email.  he/she is immitating our email, but missing a letter for example instead of gullivers247 he or she would use gullvers247.  Pls communicate to us using our official emails, and cellphone numbers.


If you experienced this, and someone is asking for your payment, please let us know.


Thank you.



In the year 2008 the arriving tourist in Puerto Princesa City and some other parts of Palawan was extremely increasing, tourist destinations were always busy accommodating. As migrant of Puerto Princesa City,  I found the place amazing, because of clean and green surroundings, no earthquake, no typhoon, people are environment friendly, lots of beautiful tourist destination, the highlights of it is the Underground River, The longest Navigable Underground River in the world and now one of the new 7 wonders of nature.

  In the first quarter of 2011, due to the increasing flock of tourist, my family decided to put up a Travel Agency.There were few suggested names for selection as a trade name, until we came out with Gulliver, derive from a Fantasy film Gullivers travel. He was a normal person with a good heart, soon became a giant but a good giant. This film inspired me to use Gulliver as our trade name, like Gulliver the giant. My family is very optimistic that this Agency of ours will become Giant-well known in tourism sector through safe and exellence service with full satisfaction from our guests.

I am now inviting you to transact with us and experience our unmeasurable service.


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